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    3 Profitable Agribusiness Ideas

    Learn more about 3 profitable ideas that if done well,  can make you rich.

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    6 Farming Ebook Package

    Farming in Kenya has taken a dramatic turn to better directions in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for Entrepreneurs who dare to go into farming Business. Many people in Kenya are currently earning big every year through farming. and there is no end to the prospects of creating more and more wealth through farming in the coming years.

    Learn more about farming from our informative farming ebook package.

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    How To Earn A Monthly Income From Onion Farming

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    How To Find Market For Your Farm Produce

    This farming manual contains a complete guide on how to find market for your farm produce.After reading this you will be able to get a rough idea on how you need to market and sell your farm produce in Kenya.

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    How To Grow And Market Your Cabbages

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    Onion Farm Business Plan

    Developing a business plan for your new onion farm in Kenya is an important task. As the phrase suggests, a business plan is a “road map” to guide the future of the agribusiness venture. The elements of the business plan will have an impact on daily decisions and provide direction for expansion, diversification, and future evaluation of the onion business.

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    Watermelon Farming Tips & Costs

    Starting a watermelon farming business can yield massive profits as you can cultivate and har-vest three batches of watermelon fruits in a year. For this article, I will discuss why you should invest in watermelon farming, and how you can start your own watermelon farm in no time.